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Unveiling the journey of Paul “PJ” Clarke, a renowned personality in the airgun world. At 55, his profound connection with airguns dates back to 1977 when his uncle gifted him his first Marksman .177 BB pistol. Thousands of pellets and bb's later, his fascination with airguns remains as intense as ever, despite a detour into the world of powder burners.

PJ's preference for airguns gravitates towards side-lever action, finding the balance between mechanical complexity and ease of operation just right. His journey includes competitive shooting as well, having participated in the Trenier Outdoors series and the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge at both Sportsman's and Pro levels. His commendable performance led him to a 7th place finish in the Pro Class at the RMAC in 2021, a testament to his shooting prowess.

PJ's engagement with airguns extends to both target practice and hunting, with pest control being his ultimate passion. His airguns bear the unmistakable mark of his individuality, each one tweaked, tuned, or accessorized to suit his preferences. For PJ, it’s not just about how his guns perform, but also how they reflect his personality.

One memorable encounter stands out in PJ's shooting journey. On a scouting trip with Chris Turek, they stumbled upon a property harboring a fox den. While Chris was discussing with the property owner, PJ spotted a fox. Armed with his Impact, and with a swift "weapons hot, take the shot" from Chris, he successfully downed two foxes, an experience etched in his memory.

PJ's favorite shooting skill is his mastery over calculating firing solutions based on range. He takes pride in his understanding of trajectory, demonstrating his commitment to continually improving his craft.

As for his aspirations, PJ, having recently relocated to Florida, is keen to rebuild his network of permissions to carry out pest control. His dedication to pest management showcases his enthusiasm and determination, making Paul “PJ” Clarke a captivating and inspiring figure in the airgun community.