Markeith Hall

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Creative Director


Meet Markeith Hall, an inspiring figure in the world of airguns, whose passion for this unique sport knows no bounds. At the age of 30, he has already explored the highs and lows of airgun shooting, thrillingly experimenting with everything it has to offer.

His journey into the airgun world commenced unexpectedly during a job interview at DonnyFL, which lit the spark of interest in this exciting field. Markeith's airgun of choice is lever-action, a choice that perfectly complements his adventurous spirit and penchant for the thrillingly mechanical aspects of the sport.

Markeith has stepped into the competitive ring, participating in a Spaw Weapons-hosted competition, and has continued to use airguns for a range of applications. He finds joy in the precision of target practice, and an unparalleled thrill in the chase when hunting.

The touch of a creator is evident in Markeith's customization of his FX Impact airgun, intricately embellished with Saber Tactical accessories from barrel to stock. His blend of practical application and personal taste contributes to the unique aesthetic of his equipment.

Markeith's life is a tapestry of exhilarating moments. A hunting trip to tackle Iguanas stands as one of his most treasured experiences, radiating excitement and fun. On another memorable occasion, he fearlessly hung off a mountainside, simultaneously clutching his camera and grasping for stability - all in a quest for the perfect profile picture for Thayne Simmons.

An adventure-filled journey to the deserts of Utah, where he skillfully flew a drone to capture the explosion of a car, ranks as a close second in his unforgettable experiences. These daring escapades encapsulate Markeith's thrill-seeking spirit and adventurous soul.

Bench shooting with airguns emerged as an unexpectedly delightful technique for Markeith, adding a new dimension to his shooting skills. The continual evolution of his techniques is testament to his commitment to learning and growth.

Markeith's aspirations resonate with his love for the airgun industry. His principal goal is to shine a positive light on the sport, attracting more enthusiasts to appreciate its thrill and excitement. Markeith Hall is a testament to dedication and passion - an ambassador of the airgun world, and an inspiration to all who aspire to make their mark.