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Meet John Pol, a passionate figure in the airgun industry. At the age of 30, John's introduction to the world of airguns began when he moved from Connecticut to Florida to work for DonnyFL as a CNC Machinist. His first exposure to the competitive side of the sport was at the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge, thanks to Donny and Yolanda, sparking a keen interest that has only grown over time.

When it comes to choosing airguns, John leans toward the lever action. There's something about the tangible feeling of loading a pellet and setting up for a shot that he finds incomparable. However, he also relishes the rapid-fire experience offered by semi-auto airguns, highlighting the versatility of his preferences.

John's journey into competitive shooting commenced with the Northeast Airgun Challenge (NAC) in New Hampshire, marking his first official competition. Since then, he's been an active participant, using airguns for target practice, hunting, and simply for the joy of it.

His knack for customization is evident in his "frankengun", an AEA ELEMENT decked out with most of Saber Tactical gear. Each of his air rifles bears his personal touch, amplifying their performance and aesthetics to match his unique style.

Among his numerous experiences, participating in NAC stands out as the most memorable. Being his first major competition, the event and its organizers made the experience truly unforgettable for him.

Among his developed shooting techniques, PMC holds the crown as his favorite. His skill set is continually evolving, fueling his competitive spirit and honing his expertise.

Looking to the future, John's aspirations have a jovial competitive edge. He's determined to outshoot his teammates, all in good spirit, and of course, to deliver a playful "Suck it!" when victorious. But beyond the friendly competition, he's equally driven to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with these great shooters and cherished friends, demonstrating his capabilities and his steadfast camaraderie. John Pol isn't just an airgun enthusiast; he's a competitor, a friend, and an inspiration.