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Introducing Donny Du, an influential figure in the airgun industry, whose passion and innovation have left an undeniable mark on the community. At the age of 45, he has carved out a niche for himself in this exciting world, propelling the sport forward for future generations.

Donny's love for airguns was ignited at a friend's birthday party when an old acquaintance introduced him to a $2,000 air rifle. Intrigued, he took to YouTube and stumbled upon Ted Holderover's content, plunging headfirst into what he lovingly refers to as the "rabbit hole" of airguns. Since then, there's been no looking back.

Although full-auto airguns provide an electrifying experience for newcomers, Donny's preference lies with side-lever airguns. Practicality and ease of operation make them his choice, as follow-up shots are a breeze, and the gun is simpler to cock.

Donny's focus has always been on research and development of airgun suppression techniques. As a result, participating in competitions wasn't initially a priority. However, his deepening involvement and the numerous events he sponsored piqued his interest in testing his own shooting skills. His enthusiasm for competition has since soared, evident in his rising scores, always striving to surpass his personal best.

While he's enjoyed hunting expeditions in the past, Donny primarily uses airguns for target practice, honing his precision and patience. He has a knack for customizing airguns, enhancing factory models with superior accessories as a part owner of Saber Tactical, underscoring his commitment to excellence in every endeavor.

Donny's journey is adorned with memorable experiences, two of which sit atop his list. The first is the Prairie Dog hunt and the second, the Iguana Palooza. For Donny, the camaraderie, storytelling, and laughter shared with friends during these hunting trips encapsulate the very best of these experiences.

In the heat of competition, Donny has cultivated patience as his favorite shooting technique. He's learned to meticulously observe the wind, waiting for the perfect opportunity to take a decisive shot.

When it comes to aspirations, Donny is guided by his desire to advance the airgun community. His ultimate goal is to raise awareness about the potential of airguns, pushing the boundaries for future generations. Donny Du isn't just an airgun enthusiast; he's a visionary, dedicated to leaving a lasting legacy in the world of airguns.